Our Services

Critical systems monitoring

SmartBT keeps your systems running. We do this by monitoring what is working and what’s not. When there are systems failures

Tenant services monitoring

Through one central, leading edge hub, SmartBT creates and maintains a comfortable, efficient, and healthy environment for your building’s tenants

Energy management systems

We do this through smart technology, including implementing integrated solutions utilizing our factory authorized relationship with Distech Controls.

Building automation systems

SmartBT designs, installs, coordinates, and monitors everything from new building systems to the most outdated structures requiring a complete overhaul.



At SmartBT we like to say — All Systems Go. It’s really that simple when you have smart technologies, smart decisions, and smart solutions.

Best of all, we create an answer to what has historically been a complicated challenge for building engineers, building mangers, and building owners. For aging and outdated buildings, SmartBT can completely revamp inefficient systems and replace outdated modules. We use leading edge components that improve existing efficiency, recover lost heat and energy, and link uncoordinated systems through central controls that make energy use smart.

So what’s our result? That’s easy too – we automate the process, we save you money, we make your customers happier, and we make your equipment last longer. We do this by providing a single control point for building automation systems, energy management systems, tenant services metering, and critical systems monitoring.

As a leading provider of Building Automation Systems, we power your success through Open Protocol technologies that integrate all systems and manufacturers as never before possible. That is, until SmartBT.

Smart technologies, smart decisions, and smart solutions.



SmartBT is System Integrator for American-Automatrix!

Dec 30, 2015

SmartBT is selected as the Mid-Atlantic System Integrator for American-Automatrix!

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SmartBT Embraces Tridium N-4!

Sep 10, 2015

SmartBT embraces Tridium N-4!

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Distech Eclypse Connected IP and WI-FI Product Series!

Sep 10, 2015

SmartBT is proud to announce it offers Distech Eclypse Connected IP and WI-FI Product Series!

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Aspect FT

Sep 10, 2015

SmartBT proudly offers Aspect FT Product!

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SmartBT Adds Experienced Leadership to Team!

Sep 10, 2015

SmartBT Looks Forward to the Future with Experienced Leadership! New team members include Eric Aultman, Journet Williams, and Bob Duley!

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38% of total energy consumption— across all major fuels: gas, electricity, other— is dedicated to lighting.
45% of all buildings are lit when closed.
In the Greater Washington DC region alone, 136,000 buildings are over 50%—and up to 100%— lit when closed. And nearly two million buildings in the area are between 1% and 50% lit when closed.
Floor space lit when closed accounted for about $6 billion in waste in the Greater Washington DC region.
49.4% of all buildings are 100% lit when open.
The average commercial building (14,400 sq. ft.) consumes 3,037 trillion Btu in a single year, and spends $15,700 annually on electricity.
Less than 2% of existing buildings in the US & Canada have modern lighting control.

Get Smart

Smart reason No.10


Smart is using technology that allows for discrete data to be compiled into meaningful reports that can be used for making solid business decisions.

Smart reason No.9


Smart is using advancing technologies, such as wireless and power line carrier communication.

Smart reason No.8


Smart is when building owners demand intelligent building systems that provide managers and engineers the data necessary to make strategic operating decisions.

Smart reason No.7


Smart is making decisions on BAS installations with future expansion and technologies in mind.

Smart reason No.6


Smart is procuring Variable Frequency Drives that include a contractor who can provide and install VFDs with the proper control sequence.

Smart reason No.5


Smart is equipping your buildings with Energy Efficiency systems that provide savings for owners and tenants.

Smart reason No.4


Smart is making decisions with future integration capabilities in mind.

Smart reason No.3


Smart is hiring the right systems integrator to maximize legacy-building systems without sacrificing the latest features and functionality.

Smart reason No.2


Smart is integrating all devices to form a seamless and interoperable network of Building Services.

Smart reason No.1


Smart is the ability to integrate tenant services into your Building Management Systems (sub-metering, tenant overtime, critical systems monitoring, and more).

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