Here’s What Good Buildings Have in Common!

Here’s What Good Buildings Have in Common

December 18, 2017

corporate skyscrapers Energy Manage

More and more smart buildings are being built by developers; buildings with high-tech energy efficiency systems and network-enabled building management systems in place.

As Forbes stated recently, “these technologies, once considered revolutionary, are steadily becoming the norm in today’s premier office buildings.” The site listed five examples of web-enabled smart building features that can make a big impact on an office environment, including:

  • Optimized HVAC systems
  • Managed electricity reductions
  • Maximized building security
  • Smart sensors for lighting
  • Controlled appliances from remote locations

When it comes to HVAC, using an automated system that continuously maximized performance is key. And now there are incentives in place for using these efficient systems. In June, an online, user-friendly rebate tool was launched that allows HVAC contractors to search for local and national rebates or incentives available on energy efficient light commercial LG air conditioning systems.

As far as lighting goes, with LEDS replacing old lighting technologies, new control capabilities enable building owners to achieve higher energy efficiency rates and increased comfort. Fulfilling this potential requires selecting a suitable control solution. As the lighting market is still evolving, different standards and architectures exist for lighting control to cover the comprehensive requirements of changing colors, dimming, occupancy-based on/off, demand response or sophisticated daylight harvesting. reports, “as the building industry changes, architects, engineers, and developers must look forward and plan for the impact of workplace trends and disruptive technology on the commercial real estate industry.” How do you design a building for the future? Integrate IT services and connectivity infrastructure in the planning process for all commercial developments and redevelopments.