What the Internet of Things Can Do For You!

What the Internet of Things Can Do for You!

Some future consumer applications envisioned for IoT sound like science fiction, but some of the more practical and realistic sounding possibilities for the technology include:

  • receiving warnings on your phone or wearable device when IoT networks detect some physical danger is detected nearby
  • self-parking automobiles
  • automatic ordering of groceries and other home supplies
  • automatic tracking of exercise habits and other day-to-day personal activity including goal tracking and regular progress reports

Potential benefits of IoT in the business world include:

  • location tracking for individual pieces of manufacturing inventory
  • fuel savings from intelligent environmental modeling of gas-powered engines
  • new and improved safety controls for people working in hazardous environments

Network Devices and the Internet of Things

All kinds of ordinary household gadgets can be modified to work in an IoT system. Network adapters, motion sensors, cameras, microphones and other instrumentation can be embedded in these devices to enable them for work in the Internet of Things.

Home automation systems already implement primitive versions of this concept for things like smart light bulbs, plus other devices like wireless scales and wireless blood pressure monitors that each represent early examples of IoT gadgets. Wearable computing devices like smart watches and glasses are also envisioned to be key components in future IoT systems.

The same wireless communication protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth naturally extend to the Internet of Things also.