SmartBT unveils the Smartest Building in DC!

This is What a Smart, Connected Building Looks Like in 2019


Watch as Ken and I take you on a video tour of one of the Smartest Buildings we have seen!

*[WASHINGTON, June 11, 2019]*– Distech Controls, an innovation leader connecting people with intelligent building solutions, and Smart Building Technologies, LLC (SmartBT), today presented the JLL Smart Building team with the “Unified Project of the Year” award for its work transforming District Center in Washington, D.C. to a connected building that elevates the occupant experience. Given every two years by Distech Controls, the award singles out the commercial building project that best leverages connected lighting technology and intelligent building solutions.

Ken and I were at the Event on June 11. It was powerful to see what can happen when like minded smart building controls professionals come together with a common purpose. JJL, Distech , SmartBT and others created a building that integrates many diverse systems. They optimized energy and operational expenses. And at the same time created a tenet experienced  that exceeded expectations. This is not an easy feat.

We have talked on ControlTrends aboutthe $3-$30-$300 rule. Studies show that we spend up to $300 or more per occupant pewr square foot in a space, compared to $30 for physical assets and $3 on energy. The concept is simple but not simple to do. Find a way to make occupants happier and more productive and you can save more money.

This project addresses another trend we have been tracking, the emotional interaction occupants. This trend introduced to us by Ken Sinclair, the owner edition of automated buildings, is more and more prevalent. Younger occupants, who have grown up with controlling their world with apps, want the same control at work.