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All systems go – that’s SmartBT.

We provide smart technologies, smart decisions, and smart solutions.

As the leader in complete solutions for Building Automation Systems, SmartBT helps building engineers, building managers, and building owners do things better. It’s that easy. SmartBT has focuses for many years on the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland markets. SmartBT recently opened an office in Central Florida, focusing on Tampa and Orlando.

Think that’s impressive? Wait until you see what we do with our specialty — aging and outdated building systems. This is where SmartBT is red hot. SmartBT offers the most comprehensive overhaul of inefficient systems in the industry. We do this by replacing and updating components, monitoring and improving systems that are losing heat and energy, and linking uncoordinated systems with a central control mechanism that is automated and addresses each building’s unique needs.

Powered by cutting edge technology, SmartBT is an industry leader in:

  • Building Automation Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Tenant Services Metering
  • Critical Systems Monitoring
  • Smart Lighting Solutions

Through OPEN Protocol technologies, SmartBT uses LonWorks, BACnet, ModBUS and legacy drivers to integrate all systems and manufacturers. SmartBT’s use of OPEN protocol delivery systems means that your life is easier. SmartBT’s approach works with any kind of equipment and is engineered to fit your specific requirements. Using the power of the internet, SmartBT delivers a secure web-based platform to multiple property managers and operators doing business on a wide area scale.

SmartBT optimizes energy and equipment usage while simultaneously increasing tenant comfort in your new or existing facility. The result – you save money, your customers are happier, and your equipment last longer.
Smart technologies, smart decisions, and smart solutions.

To better understand how SmartBT impacts facilities, please click on the link below to see a very exciting case study for 1500 K Street, in Washington, DC!

Project Ref . 1500 K Street


Check out the restoration of the NGA Fountain, one of SmartBT’s projects!

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