Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart Lighting Solutions:

This Smart Lighting Solution can dramatically change commercial lighting control from an installed cost perspective. Installation of the system is as simple replacing one light switch with another, because of our ability to communicate over a building’s existing electrical infrastructure. Savings could reach 50% to 80% compared to traditional, centralized solutions. And the system is more robust than simply installing sensors and timers that need to be controlled and adjusted at the source.

How can you benefit from our centralized lighting control system?

  • Control multiple on/off switches through one browser
  • Reduce installation labor up to 80%—no rewiring is required
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Participate in federal “Smart Building” program

SmartBT proudly implements integrated solutions through our factory authorized relationship with American Auto-Matrix and Distech Controls/Acuity Brands. SmartBT provides solutions in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and in Central Florida, including Tampa and Orlando.