Why Smart Building Technologies?

At SmartBT we like to say — All Systems Go. It’s really that simple when you have smart technologies, smart decisions, and smart solutions.

Best of all, we create an answer to what has historically been a complicated challenge for building engineers, building mangers, and building owners. For aging and outdated buildings, SmartBT can completely revamp inefficient systems and replace outdated modules. We use leading edge components that improve existing efficiency, recover lost heat and energy, and link uncoordinated systems through central controls that make energy use smart.

So what’s our result? That’s easy too – we automate the process, we save you money, we make your customers happier, and we make your equipment last longer. We do this by providing a single control point for building automation systems, energy management systems, tenant services metering, and critical systems monitoring.

As a leading provider of Building Automation Systems, we power your success through Open Protocol technologies that integrate all systems and manufacturers as never before possible. That is, until SmartBT.

Smart technologies, smart decisions, and smart solutions.